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Remember, query everything, it surprising what the truth really is!

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     Society, the Human Race


Looking back, people no longer go out, or make friends. Pubs where people used to meet for a chat and a drink are fading fast; any surviving pubs are turned into restaurants. Visit to the cinema to see a film? Not any more, you rent or steal the video and watch it at home. Home, that is now the places where people spend their time play violent video war games, and texting their friends, young people no longer read books. When was the last time you walked in a park or rambled in the countryside?







Religions - the cause of most of the world’s ills.  I have carefully evaluated religions and I can find little truth in any of them, religions I believe were invented, by a few to control the masses. Consider that the Roman Catholic Church, it has never published all the ancient scrolls discovered, only those that suit their ideals. Regrettably, Roman Catholic Church is full of paedophile priests that the church Popes, Cardinals and Bishops, defend, quietly buying off victims and moving the offending paedophiles elsewhere. 





   Britain as a world power 


The Syrian crisis has exposed just how superior we thought we were, or at least some members of our Government in the UK thought we are in the modern world. Yes we were once a great world power, when we had the British Empire, and half the world was ruled by the UK, but those days are long over.

 World Power

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Remember, questione everything, it is surprising what the real truth is!


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