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Remember, query everything, it surprising what the truth really is!

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Have you ever wondered about Freemasonry, this world-wide secret society that want to run the world. With their silly rituals, wearing aprons, vowing to be killed if they give up the Masonry secrets, bearing their left breast to prove they are male. Yes, this nonsense really happens, and it happens among men who are supposed to be intelligent.

 Most, if not all politicians, and police offers are Masons, in fact as is every man who thinks he should run the new world order!  Two famous ones spring to mind, Adolph Hitler and the Norwegian mass murderer, Andre Brevik.  Usually also, Masons look after Masons, so if you give the secret handshake you get preferential treatment, win the contract, or excused for some crime if you are guilty. It is not only a secret society, it is a sick society!



   The Seven Sisters


              Do you know who the seven sisters are, possible, but if not, the picture should give you a clue, they were the seven major oil companies in the world, and between them they did actually control the world. They lost some their grip in recent years, but for a century or two, we all danced to their tunes. Yes, even governments!


Seven Sisters



   The Chagos Islands


Hey! What do you know about the Chagos Islands, nothing I bet? Well they are a group of beautiful islands in the India Ocean, and are British territories, controlled by the UK. That was until the British Government leased all the islands to the United States for a military base. All the islanders were forcibly removed and dumped into slums on Mauritius. This action was taken by the British at the same time as the Falkland War, where the British were removing the Argentinean invaders! So much for 'Human Rights' British Hypocrites'!

Chagos Islands



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Remember, questione everything, it is surprising what the real truth is!


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