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Remember, query everything, it surprising what the truth really is!

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The Nederlands


One of the very sad things about living and working in the Nederlands is the extreme racial prejudice towards us "English",  yes we are all "English", whether Scots, Welsh, Irish or English according to the Dutch. When I moved to the Nederlands and started a business, the racial prejudice from the entire Dutch establishment was clearly obvious, that's Government officials, tax office, Lawyers, banks etc.

         Although all Dutch speak two or more languages, all taught at school. The most common, second language being English, followed by German and French. English because it is a world language, and possibly the movies and TV, much more so than German or French. Outside of the Nederlands no one speaks Dutch! Not even the Afrikaans in South Africa, it’s English first! They use the reverting back to Dutch when it suits them, to the point of refusing to speak English, although days, weeks, months and even years before they always spoke English, and indeed wrote in English. 


Dutch Fame





    Alexander Lee Khoo


Who is he you may ask? Well he is the man that embezzled over €2.2m from my Dutch company's and stole a further €1m from me in Spain.

             I have now lost my entire Dutch old age pension, to the ING Bank to offset some of the company’s liabilities to the ING Bank, a direct result of Alexander Lee Khoo's embezzlement. Khoo was further assisted by the company's lawyer, Arum van Bunge, who arranged the secret Swiss banking and money laundering! 

He was also ably assisted by the company liquidator (curator), a Dutch Lawyer named, Sjoerd Tilman, who refused to recover, recoverable money, refused to locate stolen company cars, computers, and tax money stolen by Khoo, all told in excess of €800,000. Further he flatly refused to report matters to the police. Khoo has a lot of "friends", but then again he has a lot of money to grease palms.


          More seriously, there is an even sicker side to Alexander Lee Khoo, one of being a Paedophile, with an unhealthy interest in young boys. Sadly the details are all here!


 Alexander Khoo


Thank you for your time, come back soon!

Remember, questione everything, it is surprising what the real truth is!


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